Home Stretch

Hi, my name's Elizabeth, and I used to have a blog. I'm here today to dust off the cobwebs and see what's left of my corner of the interweb. Is anybody in here? HELLOOOO? [hello, hello, hello....]

Well. At any rate, I guess I could give the three of us who are here a quick update on how things are going, seeing as how it's been so long. As this post title suggests, I'm in the home stretch of my internship. Only fifteen weeks to go! (I confess, I have numbered the weeks in my planner so that I can watch them tick away.) I'll spend the remainder of my time focusing on my outpatient caseload and conducting forensic evaluations with Dr. Larry Rotenberg, a renowned forensic psychiatrist in Pennsylvania. I would tell you what my work with him is like, but then my husband wouldn't allow me to go back. We get some rather unsavory characters - but don't worry, they're usually very friendly criminals.

I'm also pleased to report that I have an interview on Friday for a postdoctoral position! It would be a job with a private practice in Leola, PA, so it would enable us to move toward Lancaster as we have been hoping to do. Also, I share a mutual friend with the head psychologist, so this has been a helpful connection thus far (thank you, Migdalia!!). I'm not sure whether the practice as a whole is explicitly Christian, but the head psychologist who founded the practice is a believer, and several of the therapists in his employ are Christians and incorporate spiritual concerns into their treatment. I'm so excited for this opportunity! Please pray that the interview goes well, and that they like me as well in person as they do on paper.

As I mentioned, we're looking for a place to live. Before you pause to pray about my interview, please add to your prayer list our housing search. We have a couple of leads on houses for rent, and Joel's mission (should he choose to accept it) is to contact realtors and follow up on these leads until we have, in fact, a new place to live. We covet your prayers to this end. There are so many details to fall into place, and we trust the Lord to provide for all these needs.

Otherwise, we are supremely happy and eagerly anticipating the future. It's a relief to be on my final rotation so that I (hopefully) have a little more time to think and blog. We'll see how that goes, eh? Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for hanging in there for these past four months of blogging silence!


Sarah Beth said...

Yay for new opportunities! Glad to hear an update - praying for you! :)

Mom said...

Been watching your blog for over 4 months. Nice to see something posted...